Three money associated gods (Greek, Chinese and Roman)

Money is always associated with different spiritual forces behind its flow. In 1864 the United States first established its official motto for money (in God we Trust) which is now in paper currency. It’s not the United States that associates money with God or gods only not from online casino games, but other Empires have always associated their gods with money also.

Greek (Pluto) 

There have always been assumptions that there are a lot of gods in Greek with Zeus being the god that dominates others, and other gods having control in other different areas of life. Pluto is the god that was associated with money or the god of money. He was the god who used to be associated with a bounty of the harvest and was blinded by Zeus so that he would distribute wealth without favor.

Roman (Proserpina)

Proserpina is the daughter of Ceres, the goddess of harvests. The Roman inherited the culture of the Greeks when Pluto their god of harvest abducted Prosperina after he had fallen in love with her and Mercury was sent to negotiate so that Prosperina could come back to her land which Pluto agreed that if she would marry her, he would release her to come for six months and come back and stay other six months with him. This is the reason there are six months of their harvest which they believe she will have visited from the underworld. So, when they want money, they worship Prosperina the goddess who visits is seasons.

Chinese ( Tsai Shen Yeh) 

This is one of the Chinese gods who is also called Lu Shing the god of wealth. This god can be seen in Chinese houses and buildings especially placed near doors so that they could attract wealth and protect their incomes which he would have given to them. This god is worshiped only specifically for money when one wishes to have rich by playing aussie online casino games.

In conclusion, these are not the only gods associated with money however these are the most ancient believed gods to be associated with money and wealth, and harvest. These also have movies acted after them like Immortals for the Greek gods. 

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