The Strict Dress Code of Casino Croupiers

Croupiers all over the world are known for their strict dress code and high standards when it comes to what they wear. Even croupiers online in live games are dressed as formally as they would be in a brick-and-mortar casino. They dress so smartly because it shows professionalism, and the formal traditional style suits the ambiance you only find at a casino. You can immerse yourself fully in an environment where the dealers are an important part of the gambling experience gclub.

Male croupiers

The standard look for a male croupier is a suit with a white or black shirt and a bow tie. They have worn bow ties since the first casinos opened their doors and they still wear them today. Bow ties offer more distinctiveness than a necktie and help them to stand out from patrons who may also be wearing suits. Don’t be surprised to see a male croupier wearing a bowtie if you go to Parx Casino in Bensalem, Pennsylvania or play at its online casino site.

Female croupiers

The attire of female croupiers has changed somewhat over the years. Some of them opt to wear long pants, a collar shirt, tie or bowtie, and a vest. Alternatively, there are female croupiers who wear black cocktail dresses if permitted by the casino to do so. Nineteenth-century casinos required croupiers to wear visors to prevent eye strain. Some croupiers still wear green visors today, but the practice is less common than it was in the past.

Aprons and coin changers

Both male and female croupiers take care of their physical appearance as a toned body helps them to look good and means they have the physical stamina they need to work for long hours. They always wore aprons without pockets in the past, but this is less common today. They do still use coin changers – devices that allow them to make changes without having to leave their tables.

Croupier clothing lines

Croupier clothing lines are designed to help croupiers find smart ways to dress without having to spend too much as they don’t earn such high wages. When looking at a fashion forecast for 2022 to see what to buy, comparing the most dominant trends of a few seasons and cross-checking this with pieces from your favorite brands is one of the easiest ways to pick a long-lasting trend and skip the others.

Importance of formal dress code

There’s good reason for the strict dress code at casinos. Handing over their chips to someone who is impeccably dressed makes patrons feel reassured that they will be treated fairly. While the dress code at casinos may have changed for patrons, how croupiers dress is unlikely to change as it’s an integral part of the casino experience.

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