AllThe story of Stevie G's story: how the Liverpool’s...

The story of Stevie G’s story: how the Liverpool’s legend spent his career


The beginning of the 21st century is rightly considered the golden period of English football. It is rather about a huge number of charismatic performers, on whom fans really wanted to make sports bet on 1xBet.  Steven Gerrard was definitely one of those players. Moreover, it is he who is perhaps the most memorable legend in the history of Liverpool, because he gave 26 years of his life to this club. 

The future world star began playing football at the age of 9. He spent nine long seasons in youth squads of the legend of the English football, and only in 1998 did he begins to appear in the first lineup of the Merseysiders. His main position on the field was in the center of midfield, but he was sometimes used in the defensive area as well. Naturally, Steven Gerrard’s charisma and experience gave him the ability to lead his team. Therefore, it is not surprising that most part of the time spent at Liverpool, it was he who wore the captain’s armband. Thanks to such a player, 1xBet offered to make sports bets on the team’s matches with lower odds. 

However, Steven Gerrard didn’t succeed in being devoted to one club throughout his career. In the last season at the professional level, he moved to MLS, where he played for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Even at the end of his career, playing in the United States, the midfielder continued to shine on the field. Interestingly, this league is also represented at, and given the fact that American clubs often have famous players, betting on them can be even more interesting. 

Gerrard also played an important role in the England national team. He began to play for the youth teams at the age of 17, and in general he gave the main team of the country 17 seasons. He is one of the leaders in terms of the number of matches played. He has 114 games. Naturally, if there were more players like Gerrard during that time, 1xBet would consider England one of the main favourites of international tournaments. However, unfortunately, this team was never able to get the international victory.

Gerrard’s main achievements in his professional career

What has the legendary player achieved as a professional footballer? You need to understand that during his career, there was a huge competition in England, and therefore sometimes it was not possible to win the champion title. The best online football betting with 1xBet confirms this. Each season, up to 7-8 clubs claim the final victory. As for Gerrard, the following awards should be noted:

  • he won the FA Cup twice and the English League Cup three times with Liverpool;
  • he won the Champions League, the UEFA Cup and twice the UEFA Super Cup with his home team;
  • he was twice named the best player of the season in England.

Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that Gerrard lacked only the title in the national championship, as well as the victory with the national team. For Premier League fans, 1xBet offers the best online football betting with the highest odds.

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