The Oman cricket squad

competitive cricket countries have emerged from territories located in the Middle East. Oman is a good example. The team is present at the 1xBet – best online sports betting sites, and has been present in the international cricket scene for a few decades.

This has been achieved thanks to its participation in internationally recognized competitions, but also through its memberships in different organizations. Oman was admitted to the ICC back in 2000. Their status was upgraded to associate membership during 2014.

The team has improved a lot since its beginnings. They became an ODI team back in 2019. Matches of this kind are present at 1xBet, which is one of the best online sports betting sites, where their teams will show their quality.

A recent beginning

Cricket has been played in Oman for many years. The sport arrived in the country with immigrants who came from different countries in Asia. These countries are well represented at the 1xBet – best online cricket bet, where all their results are shown.

However, Oman had to wait a few years before they could finally assemble a formal team that could compete in cricket competition. The first tournaments where the official Oman squad participated were the 2002 and 2005 editions of the ACC Trophy.

Yet, success was not yet in sight. They would need to continue waiting before seeing important triumphs in international cricket. Oman would continue participating in competitions available to make the best online cricket bet at 1xBet, where they play and show their wins to the world.

Gaining international recognition

The first moment at which Oman started to be considered a more serious opponent in the cricket arena would be during 2016. During that year there were many tournaments at, and this team took part in many of them and had solid results.

One of the best results ever had by Oman was a match celebrated on the 9th of March 2016. They faced the Irish squad during the 2016 edition of the World Twenty20 competition. To everybody’s surprise, the Middle-Eastern country was able to defeat a powerful Ireland by two wickets. Later, they would take part in championships like:

  • the qualifiers for the 2016 edition of the Asia Cup;
  • the Desert T20 Challenge celebrated during 2017;
  • and several ODI matches after gaining this status.

The team has been improving a lot since its relatively recent beginnings. It is expected to be at many tournaments present at 1xBet, where it will be working hard for obtaining the best possible results.

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