The delightful Blue Ballet

Millonarios F.C. is one of the most important football teams in Colombia. The website 1xBet offers profitable online betting Pakistan on matches played in that part of the world. This squad has won the largest number of competitions in Colombian football, and it has had an incredible history.

In fact, during the 1950s, the squad was seen as the best football team not only in South America, but also in the entire world. This period was known as the “Ballet Azul”, which translates as the “Blue Ballet” in English. It refers to the period where Millonarios won basically every possible competition. The 1xBet Pakistan website offers profitable online betting opportunities, and they can be used to wager on Millonarios.

This name comes from the fact that the team played some truly amazing football. Also, the team’s main shirt was of blue color.

A strike that benefited Millonarios

Practically at any moment in history it is possible to find incredible Argentinian football players. In 1948, there was a severe crisis in Argentinian football that led to the exit of some highly talented players. Punters can watch 1xBet live stream in order to enjoy the best football matches played in Argentina.

Many of the names that left the country were signed by Millonarios. Some of them include:

  • Alfredo di Stefano;
  • Néstor Rossi;
  • Julio Cozzi;
  • and Adolfo Pedernera.

Most of these players came from Argentinian giants River Plate. They became the core of the Colombian squad and helped it to win lots of local leagues in the 1950s. This was the moment when Millonarios became the undisputed king of Colombia, South America, and even the world. The 1xBet live streams can be watched at any moment in order to follow what happens in the different Colombian football teams. 

A quick end

Normally, the golden generations of different football teams have a slow, and sometimes painful, end. However, the Blue Ballet with which Millonarios delighted football fans basically ended overnight. The website offers its members tons of chances to wager on Millonarios and other Colombian football teams.

In 1953, FIFA suspended all Colombian football due to apparent irregularities in the signing of the aforementioned Argentinian players. To this day, Colombian fans still question this action. However, the consequences were very real.

All these Argentinian stars departed Millonarios. Also, Alfredo di Stefano went to Real Madrid, where he also became a legend of the squad which can be wagered on the 1xBet site. Finally, FIFA also decided to disqualify Colombia from the upcoming 1954 World Cup. This put a quick end to probably the best chapter in Millonarios’ history.

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