The beautiful Artillery Ground

Cricket is a sport that has been around since the 16th century, if not earlier. The modern version of the game can be wagered at any moment by visiting the website.

During those early years of the game, cricket matches were more of a pastime than a serious activity. However, in the 18th century, the first attempts to professionalise the game were made. A few centuries later, they gave rise to the modern form of cricket that people know and love, and which can be wagered on the 1xBet site.

One of the first cricket venues ever established is the Artillery Ground. From its name it can be guessed that it belongs to a military institution. That is absolutely correct, since the Honourable Artillery Company is the owner of this piece of land.

History of this space

As early as the 16th century what is the current Artillery Ground was used for military training. Now, many centuries later, it is used mostly for sports activities. Punters can go to 1xBet – all cricket betting online India can be performed on sports events that are celebrated in this place.

Some of the disciplines that have been practised here include:

  • archery;
  • rugby;
  • football;
  • and of course, cricket.

Regarding cricket, the first formal match of this sport ever celebrated in the Artillery Ground took place in 1730. However, it is likely that some more casual events took place before it. This early match faced the teams from London and Surrey. It should be mentioned that by that year, the original London Cricket Club had already been established.

There are records which indicate that the following year the London Cricket Club played against Dartford and Croydon. Punters can make all cricket online betting on 1xBet India, which also features the exciting English County Championship.

Conflicts with the Honourable Artillery Company

For almost 50 years, lots of cricket matches took place at the Artillery Ground without any kind of issue. However, things changed in the 1770s. Records indicate that the Honourable Artillery Company attempted to prevent cricket from being played here. Currently there are no restrictions to play the sport in England, and is the best website to wager on it.

Another 50 years needed to pass before cricket returned to the Artillery Ground. However, with severe restrictions. In fact, in the 1840s only members of the Honourable Artillery Company could take part in cricket matches played in this ground. This organisation also established its own cricket club in the 1860s.

Currently the Artillery Ground is rarely used for cricket matches. However, when that happens, make sure to wager on those events by going to the 1xBet betting platform.

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