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Piso WiFi

PISO WiFi is the new version of the famous PISONET in the Philippines. Unlike the former, Piso WiFi has started operating in the country as early as 2017. The company offers affordable pocket WiFi and modem devices at discounted prices, but you must have a fibre connection for it to work properly. The operating software is easy to use, and you can customize the settings easily. For more information, visit the company website. There are no complex settings, and you can set up your Piso WiFi kiosk with just a few steps.

Piso WiFi machines offer fast, reliable internet access for a reasonable price. It uses e-vouchers for connection instead of a traditional hotspot system. To connect, you simply insert a coin and wait for a beep from the Piso Wifi kiosk. You can also use this WiFi in malls and terminals.

One of the advantages of Piso Wifi is that users don’t need to create an account to access the service. They can also use the device for important tasks such as homework and emailing. The Piso Wifi machine also has a network management system that shows payment history and allows you to set up custom packages.

Moreover, Piso WiFi vending machines are easy to use and require no staff to operate. The machine is portable, weighs just 4 Kilograms, and is 31 x 24 cm in size. It needs a power supply and a stable internet connection to work.

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