AllNew to Vaping? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

New to Vaping? Here’s Everything You Need to Know


You’ll find you will enjoy your new habit if you have not vaped much or have not vaped at all. Vaping makes it possible for you to enjoy various flavors without annoying others. You know what it feels like to feel censured if you’ve smoked. You don’t have to experience the same discomfort when you vape.

Learning About the Activity

To enjoy vaping, it is helpful to learn more about the equipment, and some trending flavors are helpful. Most beginners use an e-cigarette – a device that consists of a small tank, battery, heating element, and mouthpiece. The tank holds the e-juice. Besides an e-cigarette, the device may be called a vaping mod or e-cig. You can also buy a vape pen if you wish.

Popular Vape Flavors and Where You Can Find Them Online

Naturally, the vaping liquid is what makes vaping worthwhile. Vape flavors are featured in various concoctions, some of which are double-flavored, such as those featured on the 2X Vape website. Moreover, these flavors are nicotine enhanced, all of which adds to your vaping enjoyment.

The e-liquid is made up of vegetable glycerin, called “VG” for short, propylene glycol, the flavor, and nicotine. The VG is alcohol extracted from vegetable oil, while the propylene glycol gives the vaper a smoother smoke. It also enhances the flavors used in the e-juice blend.

Usually, an e-liquid will contain about 80% vegetable glycerin. The more VG in the product, the thicker the vapor released into the air.

How to Vape or Use the Mouthpiece

When you vape, you can either inhale the vapor or exhale it before taking it into your lungs. To vape properly, you must use the mouthpiece on your e-cig or pen to purse your lips. Doing so prevents the vapor from escaping and allows you to enjoy and taste the flavors more fully.

What Is the Average Number of Puffs?

This might lead you to wonder how many puff vapers produce on average. The median rate is about 140 puffs daily. However, a significant minority of vapers puff more than that each day. Statistics point out that about 15% of those who vape do not exceed a count of 300 puffs per day.

Therefore, vaping does not produce the chain-like effect related to smoking. While it’s enjoyable to vape, vapers do not vape at the same pace as many smokers. If you vape, you’re also savoring the flavors – flavors that are varied as they are delightful.

Favorite Vaping Flavors

You can buy a bundle of flavors that will introduce you to some unique offerings. Choose from taste sensations such as blueberry raspberry fizz, cool watermelon ice, sweet strawberry, peppermint, or sour green apple. Sample all of these flavors. You’re sure to like all of them as they’re both enticing and fruity.

Final Thoughts about the Activity

If you’re new to vaping, the above information will give you some primary details to get acquainted with the activity. Again, if you’re a past smoker, you will feel calmer and more satisfied when you vape, as it is not regarded in the same way as smoking.

It’s also more affordable. Plus, the only thing you’ll leave in your wake is a puff of vapor – no lingering ashes or smoke will follow you anywhere.

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