AllMaxim88 Fishing Games You Should Check out


Maxim88 Fishing Games You Should Check out

Fishing shooting games are still among the most popular games played at online casino websites and gaming platforms. Like slots, fishing shooting games have straightforward rules that are easy to adopt for both new and experienced online players. Besides the simplified rules, these games are also fun to play, making it more natural for players to stay engaged while playing.

Maxim88 Malaysia is among the few online casinos that will give you a great playing experience, thanks to its intuitive UI and well-optimized websites. The fishing games at Maxim88 are also provided by the leading casino software vendors in the business that know what players need and how exactly to implement it.

There are three major fish shooting games that you will find on this platform: Fishing war, Alien hunter, and Fishing God. Let’s go further into each of them;

1. Fishing War

Fishing war is among the most popular fishing games you will find on any online casino in 2021. Spade gaming, a major supplier of casino software in Asia, developed the game. Spade Gaming has a good reputation when it comes to creating fishing games and slots. Fishing war is one of the best games they’ve ever made. This is evident in the massive positive reviews it has received since its release a couple of years back.

It is basically a combat arcade game with three levels that vary based on difficulty. These three levels include; junior, expert and godlike. The junior level is the simplest among the three and the best to start with if you are new to fishing games. And of course, godlike is the most difficult and the one we recommend for experienced players that have played this game for some time.

Graphics and UI

This game has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to find whatever you are looking for. The choice of colors for the different symbols and characters in the game is what anyone would have expected it to be for this kind of game. The game’s animations were also well rendered, which makes the whole game feel fast and smooth.

Fishing War also has the right background sounds that will keep you engaged while playing the game. Most notably is the soundtrack that is played while the game is loading. But if you are playing the game in a place that doesn’t allow you to turn up the sound, you can choose to mute it (the mute button is on the right side of the game’s UI under the settings menu).

How To Play This Game

As we shared earlier, playing this game is very easy, but you need to understand the rules before getting started. You start the game by choosing the level you would like to play and the amount to bet. The bet levels for each stage are as follows; 0.01 to 1 for the junior level, 0.1 to 5 for the expert level, and 1 to 10 for the godlike level.

After choosing your desired level and how much you would wish to bet, you will be redirected to a new page where you will see various sea creatures that you can shoot to earn points. You may also use the +/- symbol to raise or decrease your wager. After making the final adjustment to your bet, it is time to get started shooting. There are three main buttons that you will use while shooting: the target, auto, double, and lightning buttons.

Besides the fun you will get while playing this game, there are lots of bonuses that you will have a chance of winning to make your playing experience even more enjoyable. Shooting the special symbols will award you between 100X to 888X of the stake. Some of the special symbols you will find in this game include the following;

  1.     Dragon King: Shooting this fish will earn you rewards ranging between 10x to 300x your stake
  2.     Thunder hummer: This is another special fish that will earn you between 30x and 100x your stake
  3.     Wealth packet: This will earn you up to 100X your stake.
  4.     Dragon wheel: Shooting this fish will reward you up to 300X your bet.
  5.     Dragon: This special fish will earn you between 100X to 488X your stake.
  6.     Monkey King and the pirate ghost ship: These two features will earn you between 100X to 888X your stake.

    2.  Fishing God

Fishing God is another blockbuster online casino game by Spade gaming that you will find on maxim88. It is just up there with Fishing war as some of the most popular fishing games that you will find on any online casino. It was the first multiplayer fish hunting game that was approved by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) under the instant games category.

Unlike Fishing War, you can play this game against your peers online and in real-time. Since Spade gaming also created this game, it adopts most of the features included in fishing war. For instance, it also has three stages that vary in difficulty, just like we saw earlier with Fishing War.

Graphics and UI

The user interface of this game is minimalistic but has all the core features that one would expect to find in a fish hunting game. The color of the creatures and symbols you will find in this game include gold, green, pink, red, and yellow. These are bright and appealing colors that make the overall UI of the game intuitive.

Just like Fishing War, this game has well-rendered animations that make it feel smooth and intuitive while playing it. This great UI is accompanied by well-chosen natural sounds that will make the game engaging while playing it. There is also an option under settings for muting the sound if you don’t like it.

How To Play The Game

The procedure for playing this game is very similar to that of the Fishing war. The only difference lies in special features and creatures and how much reward you will get for shooting each of these creatures. The special creatures in this game will earn you rewards ranging between 10x to 300x your stake. Below are the details of the bonus range for each special creature;

  •         Laser crab: When activated, this feature will earn you up to 120x your stake.
  •         Drill Crab: This will also earn you up to 120x your stake.
  •         Flash jellyfish: This special creature will also earn up to 120x your stake when you shoot it.
  •         Dragon King: Shooting the dragon king will earn you up to 300x your stake, the highest you will get with this game.
  •         Firestorm and golden fortune bag: These two final creatures will earn you up to 200x your stake.

3. Alien Hunter

This is the newest addition to maxim88’s fishing game list. It is a very popular game, and you might have probably heard of it before since it already exists on iOS and Android. However, the one on Maxim88 is the casino version that you will not just play for fun but also earn some money.

It is another Arcade game by spade gaming that you can play to relax during your leisure time. This game was released in August 2021, so it is still a very new game with some of the latest features that spade gaming offers to the market.

UI and Graphics

Alien hunter has an appealing and intuitive interface with well-chose colors and smooth animations. Some of the colors that dominate the UI of this game include green, light blue, gold, and red. The game also has well-balanced sounds that will surely keep you hooked while playing. Like the first two games we’ve shared with you, Alien Hunter also has the option of turning off this sound if you wish to.

How To Play Alien Hunter

Alien hunter is pretty direct to play, just like Fishing war and Fishing God. It has three main stages, including junior level, expert, and godlike. You start by choosing one of these levels and then the amount you wish to stake. After making these choices, you will be redirected to a new page to get started playing.

Before you begin shooting, you will need to know the bonus you can earn when you shoot the special creatures in the game. This information can be found on Spade Gaming’s official website.

How To Register Maxim88

To get access to all the fishing games we have just shared, you will have to, first of all, create an account with maxim88. To register one, just click on the “Join Now” button located in the upper right corner of the website’s user interface. You will then be redirected to the registration page to input your user information, including the username, password, full names, email address, and phone number.

After registering and making your first deposit, Maxim88 will reward you with bonus credits that you can use to place bets on some of your favorite games on the platform.

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