AllKeno Facts You Must Know

Keno Facts You Must Know


The history of keno games is rich and woven into Chinese history. What is now enjoyed by many for its entertaining attributes started humbly over a thousand years ago. Of course, keno has evolved in the light of modern technology and trends, but some of its key attributes remain to date.

The simplicity of its strategies and how engaging the game is make it one of any casino’s signature games. When you see nicely shaped casino leather seats in the calmer part of any casino, then be sure that the keno parlor is just around the corner. For beginners searching for knowledge to better understand the game, here are some fun facts you need to know.

1. It Offers Privacy

Keno is perhaps the only game in a casino that offers some level of privacy to players. You can be in the comfort of your lovely leather sofa to lounge and enjoy quality keno time. This is why keno is often the most recommended game for casino lovers who prefer privacy over social engagement. You can enjoy keno to any extent without having to talk or interact with anyone.

Therefore, the distractions and intimidation that come with most skilled games, especially card and table games, do not apply to keno. Also, for occasional casino visitors looking for something simple and exclusive, keno poses itself as a natural casino classic game they can ultimately enjoy.

2. The Odds Are Not So Great

Many have compared keno with slot machines in so many ways. The first is that they are both easy to play with no special skills needed. They also both offer some level of privacy when playing them, to the extent that external distractions have almost no effect on the outcome of the game. One very striking similarity is in the aspect of odds. Just like slots, keno has terrible odds.

Hitting a perfect 20 out of 20 cards in keno is similar to hitting a mega fortune jackpot slot machine. The odds of catching all twenty numbers in a twenty-number draw of keno supersede the odds of getting struck by lightning. It is virtually impossible, and with over a thousand years of history, the knowledge of those who have achieved this 1 in 3,535, 316, 142, 212, 174, 320 ridiculous odds are almost nonexistent.

3. Lower Payout is Better

It is super tiring having to give the casino your money without the possibility of any huge win. If you keep focusing on the traditional lotteries and Powerball, you will miss out on potential small winnings that could yield something big in the long run. Don’t be taken over by greed. You already know it is practically impossible to win the jackpot in keno; the odds are not in your favor.

Generally, the 10 out of 10 down to 6 out of 6 numbers caught have ridiculous odds, but if you shift your focus to the lower caught numbers, from 5 out of 5 downwards, the odds are favorable even though the payouts are low. However, you wouldn’t be losing as much as you would if your traditional chase lotteries were in the long run.

4. There Are No Hot and Cold Numbers

Keno numbers are chosen at random, and this is why the odds of having all the numbers you have selected appear are quite rare. There are no strategies or tactics for grouping numbers as hot or cold. Just because someone chose their birthday numbers and won’t mean you will equally win if you follow those numbers or select your birthday dates as your number.

There is never a clean-cut approach to predicting numbers. Therefore, you must keep a clear head when selecting your numbers and let chance take it naturally. Repetition is just a coincidence and not a constant tract for strategy.

5. You Can Play Keno Online

The Chinese founder would have argued the possibility of this a thousand years ago, but by the very nature of keno, it is a game that allows you to sit back and do other things while chance and luck take their natural course. Therefore, it is possible to play keno games online. Many online casinos offer a variant of keno.


Playing keno is like playing the lottery, and the only difference is that you are not waiting for days to see the winning numbers. Just select the numbers you want to wager on and wait for luck to shine on you. If you play keno in an online casino, make sure it is fully licensed. Have fun while you are at it. You may visit Casino NeonVegan.

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