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How To Get More Success In Sports Betting: Top Tips And Tricks

The global sports betting industry was estimated to be worth over 75 billion dollars last year and is expected to be worth more than $129 billion by 2028. This astronomical increase means that the activity has become predominant in many places worldwide. 

The sports betting industry reportedly generates a whooping 730 billion naira in yearly revenue in Nigeria, where the culture highly stigmatizes betting and any form of gambling. This figure corroborates another statistic which states that over 60 million Nigerians actively bet on sports, especially ตารางบอลวันนี้, the most popular sport in the country. The primary reason for this rapid growth is the advancement of digitalization which made online sports betting possible. 

Also, the internet penetration rate in Nigeria has increased significantly in recent years. Today, Nigerian punters can easily access online sportsbooks from the comfort of anywhere and place wagers without fear of stigmatization.

To be candid, most of these bettors lose a ton of money to the bookmakers because only a few understand how to make smart wagers. While sports betting is largely predicated on luck, it is unarguable that some bettors have developed strategies to place winning wagers consistently. Therefore it becomes illogical to associate consistent winning in betting with only luck.

In this article, we shall discuss five tips and tricks you can employ to help you become more successful in sports betting.

Choose a Reputable Sportsbook

Signing up at an online sportsbook is the first step in your online wagering journey. Since a sportsbook determines your overall betting experience, choosing a reputable and trustworthy one that offers the best services is essential. However, identifying a suitable sportsbook among the sea of bookmakers on the internet may appear challenging. 

It is always safer to sign up with a renowned sportsbook with a great track record like Parimatch. However, you must still ask essential questions like, “Is Parimatch legit,” before signing up at any sportsbook. Aside from legitimacy, other important things to look out for before signing up with any sportsbook include betting options and markets, payment options, customer support, bonuses and promotions, and reviews from previous users. 

Choose the Right Games to Bet On

One of the reasons why experienced punters make winning wagers is that they always know which sports and games to bet on and which not to. While this sounds simple, many factors must be considered when determining the right game to stake your money on. 

You must be familiar with the sport 

There are over 200 recognized sports worldwide, and a typical sportsbook will cover many of these sports. However, just because your preferred sportsbook offers an option doesn’t mean you should bet on it. This is a typical error among newbies, who stake games based on a booking code obtained from a friend or random tipster online without understanding what sport or games they are betting on. Although getting game suggestions from friends or tipsters isn’t altogether wrong, you should be familiar with a game before betting on it. 

Being familiar with a sport helps you make informed decisions about your bet slip while avoiding errors, significantly increasing your chances of winning.

You must be familiar with the team

You must be familiar with the teams you intend to wager on. If it is a single-player sport like tennis, you must be familiar with the player. You must know about their past performances, present form, and head-to-head record versus the team or player they are facing. Prior research and analysis will come in handy if you are unfamiliar with this information. 

Try Live Betting

Live wagering is one of the best things that have happened to online sports betting over the years. This option helps you make more accurate predictions as you can already see the flow of the game you are wagering on. Watching a match unfold lets you know the strategy, energy, strengths, and mistakes of the teams or individuals involved. With this knowledge, you can identify the pros and cons you did not previously consider before the game and use this information to make more informed decisions.

Don’t Chase Losses

As a bettor, you’ll win some of your wagers and lose some. Nobody loves to lose, but if you do, do not try to recover at all costs by placing more wagers. Usually, chasing losses will result in even greater losses because your emotions will cloud your decisions. Your need to recoup your losses will drive you to place illogical wagers with poor chances of success. The best way to avoid this is to create a budget and stick to it no matter the results you see.

Copy Professionals 

Several professional tipsters online provide suggestions and forecasts to make winning wagers on sports events. It’s okay to copy sometimes, but you must ensure you’re doing so from the right sources. Also, you still need to analyze every prediction thoroughly, even when you copy from professionals.


Sports betting requires more than just making random picks and leaving the rest to luck. You must take intentional steps, from making the right sportsbook choice to understanding the winning strategies explained in this article. Overall, you must understand that only carefully researched and analyzed picks yield accurate predictions and consistent winnings. 

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