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How to Become a Professional Online Poker Player


Everyone needs a new way to make money, and the tempting idea of becoming a professional online poker player is a dream for many. It’s not as easy as it sounds; you need to know how to play, how the game works, and be able to put in hours a day. Continue to read for more information about this matter.

I also have some suggestions on where you can start your journey into online poker.

Here I’m going to talk about playing online poker, how the game works and how you can become a professional poker player. 

  • What is Poker – Texas Hold ’em (No-Limit)

“No-limit poker is by far the most popular form of poker in most places around the world.” No-limit means that the game can go on until all the players are busted. Otherwise, it’s just called limit.

The “No” in no-limit suggests no set limit on how much money is at hand. For example, if you’re playing $20/30 blinds, you can only bet up to $2,000 per hand (regardless of how good your cards are). It is kind of like when you go to the casino and can spend as little or as much as you want.

The difference with limit poker is that you can only bet the maximum in no limit. If you have $1,000, it is possible to bet all of it (but not less than that). This means you could have a full stack of $1,000 in cash (which is much better than only having $3,000 worth of chips!).

If you think it’s tough to play with $2,000, imagine the pressure if you have $100,000 of chips!

Some people like to split their stack in half and put one part on the table before getting dealt with their cards. This way, they keep with the same wager.

  • How To Play Poker

Texas Hold ’em is very simple to play. All you need is two players and a standard 52-card deck. You don’t even need a table because you can all play simultaneously using your laptops (if you’re playing poker online). 

There are some variations like Omaha High-Low and Seven-Card Stud, but I won’t go into this article. You sit at a table with two other players (it’s not necessary to have three people involved).

The first step is to make some poker chips. Get a pack of Poker Chips (100 Poker Chip values – from $1 to $100). Poker Dice is also used in the game “Dice Poker,” and they’re a bit different.

  • How To Play Texas Hold ’em

Here are the rules for Texas Hold ’em: You’re dealt two cards from a standard 52-card deck face down. Your two hole cards, together with your two upcards, form your hand. Your hand must be five cards. 

The dealer will spread three other cards on the table, called the Flop, and you have to use two of those cards (along with your hole cards) to make the best possible poker hand. On the next round (called Fourth Street), another card will be spread face up on the table, called Turn or Fourth. 

You need to use two of your hole cards and this fourth street card to make your best five-card poker hand. The best five-card hand wins the pot.

  • How To Play Online Poker (Texas Hold ’em)

You can play online poker in two different ways: Texas Hold ’em Cash Games and Texas Hold ’em Heads-Up. The difference between them is that there’s usually a limit on bets in cash games, and you might see quite a few people sitting there. In heads-up, there are very few players, and the bets are unlimited.

  • How To Play Texas Hold ’em Cash Games

Before you can sit at a table, you need to get some money in your poker account. You do this by depositing (or using bonus code PINK20) through Neteller, Moneybookers, or a credit card. Just keep in mind that you need to deposit a certain amount before you can register to play. Some casinos will also require you to withdraw a certain amount before they allow you to play.

I wouldn’t recommend playing limit poker at first since it takes up a lot of time and calories to play this way. In cash games, the limits are usually much lower, maybe $2/5 or even $1/3. This means that it won’t cost you anything if you lose, but winning the pot is enormous.

There are different types of limits in online poker rooms. You can play No-Limit, Pot-Limit Omaha, Pot-Limit Hold ’em, Texas Hold ’em and even Fixed Limit Hold ’em. For details about each one, see the “Online Poker Rooms” article on this site.

  • How To Play Texas Hold ’em Heads Up

In heads-up, there are usually only two players. This means you can play any time you want, but the game is much tougher too. You’ll have to find a table with only two players and then sit down and place your bets. Truly, it is very simple to Heads-Up Poker since you do not need to worry about anyone else at the table.

  • How To Play Texas Hold ’em Rules

Texas Hold ’em is a poker game where two or more players each receive two private cards. Players then have the option of either betting or folding. The showdown winner is the player who has the best hand at one point, which consists of five community cards on the table and any two private cards that they have in their hand.

If no player wins the pot, the pot is raked (the rake is typically 5% of the pot up to $3). If a player loses all their chips or calls a time-out, then the hand is over.

  • How To Play Texas Hold -em Selecting Your Hand

You want to make your hand stronger and stronger in online poker by using the community cards on the table and your hole cards. The two key elements of Texas Hold ’em are pot odds and “implied odds”. 

Pot odds is how much the pot is worth if you hit your hand. Implied odds are what I call the opportunity to win and beat an opponent’s hand. If an opponent only has two cards and you have three, then they have 3:1 implied odds (or 3:1 pot odds).

This means that if you hit your hand and there are 5 community cards on the table, then your chances of winning are 97% (5 out of 6). This means you’re only going to lose if you have the very worst hand possible. The rest of the time, you’ll win. This is why it’s so good to play with people that don’t know much about online poker (or the game could be a lot less fun!).

Here’s an example of how pot odds work: You have pocket Aces, and there are 4 community cards on the table (let’s say that they’re all hearts). If someone bets $100, you can call them since your chances of winning are 96%. 

Not only that, but you’ll win $100 if you win. The same thing applies if they bet $1,000, then you can call them since your chances of winning are 96%, and the pot is worth $2,000.

If a player or the dealer has a strong hand, their odds will decrease as time goes on, making more money. If someone bets $100, they have 4:1 pot odds (4 out of 6 — this is 100% with 4 on the table).

  • Conclusion

Texas Hold ’em is one of the simplest and most popular online poker games. You can play it in a lot of different ways (cash games or heads-up). If you want to learn how to play Texas Hold ’em, I recommend that you take this online course and study the rules.

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