How is HHC Vape different from CBD Vape?

HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol, and it is a new cannabinoid that has recently started to be preferred by internet weed dispensaries. Although HHC vape by TRE House is identical to both delta-8 and delta-9 THC, HHC is not a molecule of THC.

After the 2018 Farm Bill, it is allowed in most places. The cannabis industry is producing a comprehensive and wide range of cannabinoid products to fulfill the requirements of interested customers.

HHC Vape Carts

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a new type of psychoactive cannabinoid that has recently entered the hemp market as a psychoactive cannabinoid that is federally permitted. All psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp generates an intoxicating experience of another type and level.

The experience differs in terms of the specific effects that it produces and the potency. The results make it essential for the consumers to understand the basic instructions about the doses for all cannabinoids.

One factor worth considering about HHC is that, even if the research on the effects of HHC is limited right now, this cannabinoid is found to work in a specific way. The fact is that consumers have experienced almost similar effects with HHC, just like delta-9. Their similarities lie in the potency and the same type of high and if we look at their properties.

Difference between HHC Vape and CBD Vape

HHC, just like delta-8 THC, is produced from CBD derived from hemp. However, the difference between the two vapes is no THC in HHC Vape. Therefore, it has some legal benefits over delta-8, delta-9, and even delta-10. HHC effects are more or less similar to THC, but HHC is a bit milder than delta-8 and relatively more potent than CBD.

Difference between Dosage and Strength of HHC

Two significant elements are essential to consider while selecting your HHC: dosage and strength. One must know the proper dosage of the vape they will use. “Dosage” is the quantity of product to be consumed—for instance, one gummy, three puffs, and one dropper.

“Strength” is the milligram strength, like 25mg for each piece of candies. It indicates the number of milligrams per serving of HHC extract. It also shows the potency of that particular serving.

Usual Dosage Chart for HHC (Per Use)

  • Beginners (low level of tolerance): 5mg-12mg
  • Intermediate users (medium tolerance level); 12mg-30mg
  • Advanced users (high tolerance power): 30mg-60mg

HHC generates a high just like the one found in familiar delta-9 THC. However, with a more robust experience for calmness and relief. The servings could be in the form of HHC tinctures, vapes, and other HHC products.

The best approach for HHC Vape is to start with a small dosage and gradually increase it to achieve your desired effect. Below is the usual HHC dosage for all types of products.

The Right Dosage for HHC Vape Cartridges

HHC vape cartridges are bioavailable as these vapes quickly provide a strong effect but stay only for a few hours. The milligrams are in the puffs depend on how deeply the user inhales, and it differs from individual to individual.

Moreover, the vape battery’s wattage controls the vapor created every time a consumer takes a puff. Due to this reason, the dosage is usually determined by the number of puffs and not the milligrams.

  • Threshold dose: One small puff
  • Psychoactive dose: One to two puffs
  • High psychoactive dose: More than three puffs

Factors that determine the Intake of HHC

Various things determine the consumption of HHC. Let us now look at some of these in detail.

Individual THC Tolerance

As mentioned earlier, hexahydrocannabinol functions in a similar way as delta-9 does. It offers a more potent high compared to delta-8 or even delta-10. Before deciding how much quantity is correct for you, don’t forget to consider your general tolerance level to THC cannabinoids.

Even if a user has previously tried some other psychoactive cannabinoids, it is always recommended that the beginners slowly increase the dosage to avoid later issues.

To put it simply, even if a consumer has been regularly taking delta-8 for months, it is always better, to begin with half of the recommended dosage if they are taking HHC for the very first time. If someone has a higher tolerance level for another type of intoxicating cannabinoids, they will probably have the endurance to consume more HHC.

Comfort Level of the User

As HHC is a compound with psychoactive elements, the amount taken should be determined by the user’s comfort level with the intoxicating effects of the HHC. Some users don’t prefer going too high as they want a moderate impact. In that case, the consumer must adhere to a lower dosage as per the suitability.

Delivery Method of the HHC

The recommended amount differs slightly depending on the delivery mode, for example, orally ingested and inhalable. The difference is due to the delivery technique with varying bioavailability levels. It influences the way cannabis enters the user’s body and becomes effective.

For instance, vapes are easily absorbed and are more robust than tinctures. Thus, a consumer may like to consume fewer milligrams of a vaporizer than a tincture.

Strain Type

As HHC products feature terpene profiles extracted from the hemp plant, some HHC products, especially vapes, are available in various strains. Because of synergistic effects induced as tetrahydrocannabinol is mixed with some terpenes, some types of strains are relatively more powerful. Thus, the best way is to research the strain before buying it to know how potent it will be.

Effects that HHC Vape Cartridge Brings

HHC vape cartridges may cause a feeling of euphoria in the users. However, it also can stimulate the consumer’s mind.

It also creates visual perception changes and auditory perception, heart rate, and body temperature. Many consumers claim that the effects of HHC are closely related to delta-8 THC when it comes to relaxation and calmness of the mind and body.


HHC can overpower the effects of THC and CBD as it is relatively more potent. However, before going for this product, don’t forget to consult your doctor and stick to the recommended dose to avoid potential severe effects.

It is always a good idea to purchase from the reputed brands in the market offering high-quality standards, purity, and potency. You need to select a flavor and strain for yourself that suits you the best and get ready to go to the world of calmness.

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