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Facebook recently announced that it had created an AI system that can identify photos without the need for human labelling. This system is called Seer and was trained on one billion public Instagram images. Facebook is not the first company to use AI in its business, however. Google, for example, announced earlier this year that it had developed a system that can identify emotional expressions in photos.

Lucia Jensen, CEO of WeLoans, is one of the users of both Facebook and instagram. She is so amazed that AI system has improved and helped with online applications. For her company WeLoans, she hopes to make the loan platform even convenient and intelligent for borrowers, too.

Instagram is a popular social networking platform and generates 18 billion dollars in annual ad revenue. Each month, over one billion people use the app. On average, users spend 30 minutes per day on the app. The game-like aspect of the app keeps users coming back to it over.

Instagram’s AI uses an algorithm that predicts user reactions and interests based on their activity on the platform. This algorithm takes into account a variety of factors including posts from followers and friends. It also takes into account the type of content a person likes to post. This allows Instagram to recommend content based on its predicted user reactions.

The company works with a group of experts in online safety, privacy, and children’s media to make sure it doesn’t hurt innocent users. As a result, Instagram is now working on ways to verify a user’s age. One of the methods is to upload a video selfie. Then, the system will use facial features to estimate their age. This method is not suitable for people under the age of 13, but it does have the benefit of verifying that an account is indeed an adult.


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