AllExplained in Detail: Effects of New Excise Policy on...

Explained in Detail: Effects of New Excise Policy on People Having Jobs in Delhi


Delhi government has decided to discontinue liquor vends as laid down by the new excise policy. This has resulted in over 190 outsourced employees who were involved in the liquor business losing their jobs in Delhi. The order that was released on 16th November 2021 said, “According to the Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and country liquor vends of government corporations including that of Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (DSIIDC) will cease to operate with effect from November 17 and April 1, 2022, respectively.” All the employees who lost their jobs were hired through ICSIL and only regular employees can continue to keep their jobs in the IMFL division.

The New Excise Policy has not only made people lose their licenses and jobs in Delhi, but it has also raised a few eyebrows. The opinion on this particular move of the government has received mixed reactions. The Government, however, defends this act saying that it would help them generate optimum revenue besides ensuring ease of business by eliminating middlemen and cartelization.

This policy has affected several aspects of people’s lives. Those who were sure about growing their business or working in a liquor shop suddenly find the need to look for work someplace else. Let us see how it has affected people having jobs in Delhi on a large scale.

Only modern upgraded shops with special license will be able to sell liquor in Delhi according to the new excise policy.



Unemployment is one of the most obvious reasons that has come with this policy. Although the policy will no doubt do good in the long run, it has however disrupted the balance of jobs. People are in a condition where they are finding it hard to wrap their heads around the fact that the government has decided to do away with small liquor shops altogether.

A survey reads that job hiring activities have anyway decreased in Delhi. During the COVID lockdown, a lot of companies have also shut down making it even more difficult for people to land jobs in Delhi. This will only make the situation worse for all who have incurred losses in the present scenario.


People have incurred large amounts of losses due to the policy. Some had set up shops with the help of loans and leases. Now with the business shut down, it will be hard for some to make ends meet while others will be barely able to live a comfortable life.

Lookout for jobs

With shops closing down and people losing their business, the only way to cope with the predicament is to hunt for other jobs in Delhi. Now, this can be an alternative for most people but one must never forget the kind of competition that we see in Delhi for jobs. However, if you know where to look, you are most likely to find a job.

People who had invested their money in business are desperately trying to make up for the losses. Some of them are even trying their luck at services and freelance work to balance finances. The kind of job they might land depends largely on their education, skills, CV, and the kind of work they are ready to do.

The Best Ways to Find a Job

Finding jobs in Delhi may not be the easiest thing but it definitely is not impossible. There are a few ways that can work in your favor. Let us briefly look at those

Newspaper ads: often companies list their vacancies in newspapers. If you are looking for jobs in Delhi, get a couple of popular newspapers and browse through the listings every day and contact the company. The problem with this medium is that they often print ads on a contractual basis and it may go on even after the spot is filled. Thus it is best to verify before you get your hopes high.

Company website: if you have a particular type of work or company in mind, you can keep a tab on the website and apply as soon as they post a vacancy. This, however, is a very unreliable way of looking for jobs as you may never know when a vacancy will turn up. If you have the luxury of time and do not mind waiting endlessly, only then go for this method. Otherwise, it is best to keep searching for other jobs of a similar kind while keeping an eye on your favorite company.

The internet: the internet today has all kinds of information. Whether you want a car, a house, or a job, you will find endless listings to match your expectations. Similarly, the internet is the best place to look for jobs. Find a suitable website that will help you get the best jobs and send out applications. Remember that you must send several applications for one to get accepted.

The excise policy will entirely change the face of the liquor business in Delhi. No small shop owners will be found in the city and only privately-owned air-conditioned showrooms will sell alcohol. This may have some positive effects on the economy and the overall business but it has affected the employment of the region in the present time.

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