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Experiencing Painful Sex? Here Are 5 Ways You Can Combat It


Sex is a great thing, but too many people consistently have the unfortunate experience of painful sex. In fact, a shocking three out of every four women report having painful sex at least once in their lives. This shouldn’t be the norm, but at the same time, our society has tried to drown out the voices of people who experience painful sex. If you struggle with pain during sexual intercourse, we’re here for you, because today we’re going to offer you five ways to combat it and hopefully reduce the pain to nothing. No matter your preferences when it comes to sex, you’re bound to find a pain reduction method that works for you in this article, whether that’s piling on natural lube before getting intimate, trying different sex positions, or anything in-between. To finally experience the freedom to fully enjoy painless sex, keep on reading. 

1. Put On Some Natural Lube  

The first tip we have for you today is to put on natural lube before having sexual intercourse. Some people are under the false impression that the lubricant naturally created by the vagina is enough to have painless and friction-free intercourse, but this is oftentimes not the case. Natural lube can make a huge difference. Not only will it make sex feel so much better, but your mind will also be at ease, knowing that the natural lube you put on down there only uses organic and environment-friendly ingredients. If you haven’t yet tried using natural lube during sex, try it for yourself and see just how much better it can make sex. 

2. Relax 

The second thing you can do to help reduce pain during sex is to relax your body and your mind. A lot of people suffer from sex anxiety, which can prevent your body from fully relaxing during intercourse. When your muscles are tensed up, you are more likely to experience pain during sex, so relaxing is of the utmost importance. One tool that many people have found to be of use in helping them relax during sex is CBD suppositories. CBD suppositories are CBD-infused capsules that can be inserted into the vagina, and they help relax the muscles and mind. If you can’t find a way to relax during sex, give CBD suppositories a try. 

3. Communicate 

The third tip we have to help you combat painful sex is to communicate with your partner. Communication is everything if you want to have pain-free intimacy. There are so many things that are important to talk about with your partner before, during, and after sex, such as positions, speed, roughness, verbal communication, what you like or dislike, what hurts, what feels good, and the list could go on forever. Without talking about these things, not only will your partner be unaware of what makes sex enjoyable for you, but the opposite also applies to what makes your partner feel good. Maybe your partner wants to try a new position but fails to communicate that, leading to a painful experience for you during sex. Make sure to openly talk about your expectations for sex on that particular occasion and also for future occasions as well. This will help put your mind and body at ease, and your partner will be aware of the things you like and dislike. Sex is all about communication between partners. 

4. Try Different Positions 

The fourth tip for painless sex is to try different sex positions. If you consistently experience pain during sex but only use the same two or three sex positions, then it might be time for you to switch up your positions. Some positions are painful for some people; each body is different. Because of this, you shouldn’t feel pressured by your partner or anybody else to have sex in a particular position if it doesn’t feel good for you. Do your research on other types of sex positions, and try different ones until you find one that works well for your body. 

5. See a Medical Specialist 

The fifth and final tip is especially important if none of the previous four tips worked for you: go see a medical specialist to check for any diagnosable conditions. Some people experience pain during sex because of conditions like endometriosis, so if you still continually experience painful sex even after trying these different methods, go see your local doctor to check for conditions that might be causing the pain. They can then further help you find new ways to reduce pain during sex with any medical conditions in mind. 


We hope this article was helpful in showing you some ways you can help combat painful sex. No one should have to experience painful sex, so hopefully, by using these tips, you won’t have to ever again. 

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