AllEverything you need to know about Glock 20

Everything you need to know about Glock 20


The number one priority of any living being is safety. With different kinds of predators, both animal and human, roaming around and posing a threat to our well-being — staying on the safe side and being able to defend yourself has become of utmost importance, especially if you enjoy spending time in backcountry areas often inhabited by bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and such.

The simplest way to protect yourself and your home from potential imposters is to own a weapon and be skilled at using it. Choosing a gun, however, may be overwhelming for many due to so many options. That is why this article aims to inform you why your best choice is the Glock G20 Gen4, a 10-mm handgun, whose power is often compared to that of a magnum revolver, minus the heavy package.

Glock vs. Revolver

Although many experts are fond of 44-caliber guns, the newest generations tend to be inexperienced in using a revolver. This might hinder their proper use as people feel more confident and are safest when familiar with their weapon of choice. As opposed to 44-caliber guns (or bigger), Glock 20 has proved to be a common choice in even dealing with large predators in Alaska, for example.

Glock 20 Features

Highly popular with professional guides and people living off the grid, Glock 20 magazine with a 15-round capacity allows for great energy and deep penetration. Moreover, the magazine catch is reversible and it provides ambidextrous control – both left-handed and right-handed users can handle it. Although a full-sized gun, it is easy to carry as it’s lighter in weight than bigger caliber revolvers.

Glock is adaptable to different climates, weather conditions, and situations. As a carry pistol, you can easily have it with you on the streets or in the country, depending on where you feel the need to protect yourself. Its modular blackstrap system provides you with an optimized grip, while the secure hold is achieved through its rough textured polymer grips.

Another advantage of the Glock 20 is the possibility of attaching various accessories to the pistol thanks to the integrated Picatinny rail. Some of the accessories include a one-piece scope, a tactical flashlight adapter, and a hunting QD bipod adapter.

Possible Modifications

In most cases, there’s no need to change anything about Glock 20 to be satisfied with its performance. However, there still are a couple of possibilities.

As polygonal factory barrels may not be suitable in case of large predators requiring hard-cast lead, you can add a barrel with a conventional rifling to practice shooting with lead with hard-cast loads. Additional things you can modify based on your needs are a trigger and a grip reduction achieved through changing the leverage on the trigger, adjusting the texturing, or a grip-angle and a beavertail.

Glock’s return spring is suitable for most loads, but in case of using a lot of hard casts, you might opt for a recoil reducer. You can adjust the mainspring depending on different weights and therefore keep the gun (and your hands) in good condition.

Choosing a Holster

To ensure easy access to your defense weapon, you can opt for chest rigs which make it easy for you to reach the gun when dressed in many layers or when fishing on a river.

Similarly, a holster such as 55BN allows for concealed carry.

In both cases, make sure you have gotten enough practice in reaching for the gun and that you carry it where you usually place your everyday weapon, as that is the spot you will reach out for out of habit when needed.

Carry with Care

What is highly recommended is a lot of practice and adjustment to conditions in which you will most likely be confronted with a predator. Make sure you practice in real-life conditions including shooting sideways and backward on the move. Falling can also affect how you shoot, so practice from all given angles to ensure not hurting yourself while down. You can practice on the range as well, but the real-life experience out in nature will definitely differ.

Carry it with you at all times. If a need arises, you most likely won’t have enough time to run off and get your gun from your house, or even your backpack or a bag. You have to be able to react on time.

Final thoughts

Although revolvers seem to be more popular with huntsmen and most commonly used as a defense weapon, a light-weigh 10 mm semi-automatic Glock 20 could just as well do the trick. Just keep in mind all of the above tips to stay truly safe and confident.

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