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Different Types of Weed Smokers


Recreational consumption of weed is steadily gaining popularity across the world. Today, smokers no longer have to be ashamed of their favorite pastime. They can come together as marijuana lovers and create a fun smoke session in the comfort of their homes.

The truth is that among a group of stoners, there are often different types of smokers. From the stoner who is yet to get the hang of how to inhale correctly to the weed connoisseur who understands the different strains of cannabis, you will be amazed at the different types of smokers around you.

In this post, we will look at the different types of weed smokers you are likely to come across in a lifetime.

  • Stoner Rookies

This category of weed smokers includes first-timer stoners. They have never ever packed a bowl, rolled a joint, or a blunt. They have not even bought weed before. Although they are regarded as newbies and are rarely respected in the marijuana circle, the truth is that every stoner was once a rookie.

Even the most experienced stoner was once a first-timer experimenting with cannabis. Stoner rookies often have tons of questions because of their limited knowledge of using a bong, chillum, or a dab nail.

If you belong to this type of weed smoker, you should know that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Get comfortable and ask questions and if you mistakenly exhale while ripping the bong, do not give up. Try again until you perfect the act.

  • Seasoned Veterans

These are well-experienced stoners and they are often referred to as cannabis connoisseurs. These stoners can roll just about anything. From cross joint to Dutch tulips, they can smoke practically anything.

The season veterans also have an extensive collection of glassware, tons of accessories, and marijuana products. Having a seasoned veteran as a friend is a good thing, even if you are a rookie because you get to learn a lot from them.

When next you start searching for a stoner buddy, look out for a veteran and you will be amazed by how much you would learn from them. It is worth mentioning that seasoned veterans rarely have bad trips, thanks to their years of regular consumption of cannabis. However, the truth is that it can happen to anyone. Even more so for those who rip on a fat bong all day.

  • Stingy Stoner

It is quite easy to spot a stingy stoner. They will never share their weed and would always shield their weed from prying eyes. Even when at a smoking party, they would rather bring their smoking device and enjoy their thing without interference from anyone. You will never see this smoking with a glass bong!

The Stingy Stoner gives you the high school days’ vibes where everyone has to contribute to making a party fun. However, there is one person from the lot who enjoys picking from everyone else without dropping a crumb of theirs.

If you have a stingy stoner on your crew, you may want to ditch them and uninvite them to your cannabis party because they will only take and never give.

  • The Unsuspecting Smoker

You can never be too careful with an unsuspecting smoker. An unsuspecting smoker will show up at your home looking for the good stuff all of a sudden. You get a shocker when you see such a fella because you never believed a day would come when they would smoke.

You may get another shocker when you find out that this friend actually smokes each night before going to bed. They may even be a more experienced stoner than you are. You should always watch out for the unsuspecting smoker in your group.

  • The Weed Snob

For everything that exists, there is a snob. You will find fashion snobs, car snobs, and wine snobs. You will also find them in the world of cannabis – the weed snob. These are individuals that believe they know everything there is to know about weed. And when it comes to bongs they will have a lot!

They want to take the lead in conversations relating to the coveted plant. They are also quick to show you how to hold a joint properly. The weed snob also prefers to smoke their weed than collect from others at the table.

They are your picture-perfect stoner anytime and any day. However, do not be deceived. They may not know as much as they would want you to believe. So, do not be intimidated by the air they give off.

  • The Stoner Parents

The Stoner Parents cannabis-smoking parents are sometimes conservative. You would rarely find them smoking with the younger generation. However, when they meet with their contemporaries, they will be glad to pull out a joint to enjoy.

You may not find them at a joint table but you can be sure that they are there. This category of smokers enjoys talking about the good old days as they smoke weed with their peers.

If your parents are cool with you taking a hit in their presence, then there is a high chance that your parents are stoners. They have likely shared a couple of smoke sessions with friends

  • The Culture Vultures

These are the life of a party. Wherever a joint party is taking place, you are sure to find them. They always find an excuse to organize weed parties now and then. They are never cool with smoking privately. They believe that the more the merrier.

So, they would rather gather friends together for a smoking spree than stay indoors to enjoy a hit. The interesting thing about the culture vultures is that they are not much of a stoner. They are more of parasites in the weed community.

They just like to be where it is bubbling, even if all they ever do is take a half hit all through the night.


These are the different types of weed smokers you will find around you. The next time you visit a weed joint, look out for these categories of smokers. You can even profile your stoner friends to see where they belong. Of course, you should find your perfect profile among these seven stoner types.

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