Classic Slot Machines: Are they dissimilar Online?

Gambling has been one of the human race’s most favourite past-times for several millennia, however in recent centuries this fact has become way more evident, mainly because of the outrageous increase in gambling activity across the world. In many ways we have the Venetians to thank for that, as they created the world’s first ever casino back in the 17th century, something that proved to be the catalyst for the emergence of the whole casino market. 

But that was several hundred years ago now, and in recent years the main reason behind the gambling industry’s remarkable level of success is the world of slot machines. Ever since Charles D. Fey invented the first one back in the 19th century these games have been all the rage, and it is something that has become even more poignant now that we have the remarkable world of online slots – check out Rainbow Riches mobile slot. Which brings us on to a commonly asked question – are classic slot machines different online? Let’s take a look. 

A quick history of classic slot machines 

Before we get into the question of whether classic slot machines are different online it is well worth taking a quick look at their history, mainly because this is where the entire foundations of the modern slot industry lay. As we mentioned before, a Californian engineer called Charles D. Fey is usually credited with being the man who is responsible for the world’s first ever commercially viable slot machine, creating the Liberty Bell back in the late 1890s.

It is worth remembering that gambling was still technically illegal back in those days, something that meant the slot machine world had to remain fairly secretive for a little while. Despite of this slot machines were getting massively popular in the beginning of the 20th century, and after the post WWII period they became an essential staple in the rising casino gambling industry. 

Land-based classic slot machines vs. online classic slot machines 

Okay, so are classic slot machines different online? Well, the first thing to say here is that they of course have to be slightly different online, simply because in order for classic slot machines to exist online they have to be digitalised. Aside from this the difference will also be that you cannot use real coins on a classic online slot machine, instead having to deposit with the online casino platform that you are playing with. 

These are the main structural differences between land-based classic slot machines and online classic slot machines, however in terms of the way they are actually played these two things can actually be fairly similar. Both land-based and online classic slot machines tend to stick with 3 reels, for example, and their approach to bonuses is also a lot more simple than ever slots. 

Top tips to win at classic slot machines 

Want to know some of the best ways to make sure you win at classic slot machines as much as possible? Here are some top tips to win at classic slot machines

  •         Play high RTP classic slot machines
  •         Play within your budget
  •         Make full use of bonus rounds

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