AllCasino games with the best odds of winning

Casino games with the best odds of winning


Do you feel like winning today? You can do it, comfortably, from home if you choose a casino online. If you like challenges, but not to risk it all on a spin, choose a casino game with the best odds of winning against the house. There is proof that some of the casino games have a low house edge. Let us give you some tips about the games that are easiest to win!

1. Baccarat

The Baccarat’s rules are simple and have been established to create a small house edge, but a higher edge on tie bets. It is a game with a low house edge, 1.06% on the Banker’s hand and 1.24% ( to 1,36%) on the player’s hand. There is a 5% commission on bank bets, collected at the end of the game. The player has to choose one out of three betting options and place a wager. Once the player places a wager it cannot be modified.

The chance for a hand to end a tie is 9.53% of the time. The tie bets are usually paid 8:1 or 9:1, but the payout is more generous than the payout on player and banker bets. The player and the banker get a refund of their bets. A bet on a tie is not always in a player’s best interest. In this case, the house edge is 14.36%. But, In the case of a tie and no one bets on it, no one wins or loses.

2. Roulette

Roulette is a casino online game with a variable winning rate. The probability of winning = the number of ways to win ÷ ( the total of the ways to win + the ways to lose).

You can also use a roulette odds calculator. But the house edge will always be against you because it is a gambling game, based on luck, not a math game. Strategies are only short-term solutions. There are two types of strategies for roulette: inside bet odds and outside bet odds.

Inside Bets have lower winnings odds than outside bets, but their payouts are much better. It means betting on a single number, or grouping the numbers you bet on.

  • A single-number bet or a straight has the lowest winning probability, but the highest payout – 35:1.
  • Betting on two numbers neighbors on the table or split out has a 17:1 payout.
  • A three-number on a row bet or a street has an 11:1 payout for winning.
  • A four numbers bet, form a square on the table, is a corner. This bet pays 8:1.
  • Two rows of numbers, a total of 6 numbers, is a double street bet, and the payout is 5:1.
  • A five-number bet or a basket, available only in American roulette has a 6:1 payout.

Outside Bets have much better odds of winning, close to 50%. Even money bets are the most popular outside bets because they cover almost half of the possible outcomes: red or black, even or odd, 1-18 or 19-36. The payout for them is 1:1.

3. Craps

Craps seem like a very complicated casino game, but it is one of the safest of the series of casinos online. The casino has a mathematical advantage over the player. But, there is a craps odds strategy that you can apply. Craps are played with a pair of dice. Since each die has six sides there are 36 possible combinations on each roll. The house edge in craps varies based on the different bets available. For casino online bets, the house edge can reach 16.67%. Some bets in craps have no house edge at all. Anyone can win, but do not try to win back the money you have lost. You can begin with a good strategy instead. In craps, knowing the odds, understanding the odds, and using this knowledge to your benefit are three different things. There is a basic craps strategy: stick to simple bets with a low house edge. Bet the Pass Line and Don’t Pass exclusively.

4. Casino War

Casino War is a very fun and easy game to play online, but not a safe way to make easy money. The game is played with six decks of cards. Once all the cards have been dealt, you have three options: Win if the card is higher, lose if the card is lower, surrender, or go to war if it is a tie. The chance of getting the highest card is roughly 46.3%. The odds of scoring a tie are 7.4%. The house edge varies depending on whether players choose to go to War.

  • the always go to war strategy has a house edge of 2.88%.
  • the always surrender strategy has a house edge of 3.70%.

Remember, when you go to war you either win one unit or lose two!

5. Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a casino online table game. The most exciting part with Pai Gow Poker is you can hit a big hand that can pay as high as 8,000:1. You receive seven cards, a five-card hand, and a two-card hand using the Pai Gow poker strategy. You play against the dealer, getting 1:1 on your bet if you win each hand.

The standard house edge is 2.84%. You can lower that edge to around 1.42% if you play as the “Banker”. You also have to pay a five percent commission on winning hands. The odds of receiving any one card over another are equal.

If you play the Banker, your chances to win will increase. If the casino allows you to bank half of your hands. If you can bank more hands, that number will continue to decrease.

6. Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game, with winning e odds based on the mathematical probability of rolling certain dice combinations, with a house edge on an average of 12.43%. Read the payout odds on the table so you can understand which dice combinations are more or less likely to be rolled. If you roll 3 of the same number, the winning odds in a casino are 180 to 1.

The Total bet is the simplest bet on the Sic Bo table because you bet on the total of all three dice numbers. This ranges from 4-17. The probability of rolling a total of 4 or 17 is 71 to 1. The casino online payout odds on this bet are 60 to 1.

Pay attention, higher house edges will likely lead to further losses. The best way to extend your play is to bet conservatively.


Gambling at casinos online is a way to win lots of money, but you have to understand the odds are not the same as playing outside the casino. The true winning odds will always be higher than the payout odds. The payout odds are the rate that the casino will payout if you win. All casino games work on the same principle. Depending on the design of the game the house edge can vary. Be wise when on your wages and try to have fun!

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