Blackjack Secrets

Blackjack is a card game loved by gamblers all over the world. It is easy to play, the rules of blackjack are simple and clear, so it will be the best choice for beginner gamblers. In addition, this game has a minimum house edge of 0.5-1%. If you carefully study the online blackjack guide, know the rules and learn how to properly manage your bankroll, you can easily go a long distance, wait for a series of wins and end the session with a profit. Today, all online casinos must include this card layout in the range of gaming software. Those who are looking for a reliable platform with comfortable conditions and quick wins should register on the Parimatch website.

Blackjack Rules and Features

The main goal of this exciting card game is to collect a combination of cards close to or equal to 21 points, but no more. The player here is up against the dealer, and to win, he needs to score more points than the dealer. Depending on the variety of blackjack, up to eight regular card decks can participate in the distribution. After the participants have placed their bets, they receive their cards, when the set is completed, the final hands are compared. During the distribution, the gambler can:

  • finish the set;
  • take the next card;
  • double the bet and receive not two cards, but one;
  • when the same pair falls out, divide the cards into hands;
  • fold cards with a weak hand;
  • insure against 21 points from the croupier.

When assessed, each card has its value. Jack, queen, king – ten points, an ace can be 1 or 11 points, the rest of the cards are counted according to their face value. A participant who scores more than 21 points automatically loses.

The most common mistakes and winning strategies

Not all beginners know the important nuances of the game, so they often make mistakes and lose. The first thing to remember is that playing for luck, without the use of a strategy, will surely lead to a loss. Another of the most common mistakes is the rejection of the next card after scoring 15 or 16 points. If you have such a combination in your hand, you should take another card. Splitting tens into two hands can also lead to a loss. Since 20 is a winning combination, it is best to stop on it without adding.

Before you sit down at the game table, you should study the Basic Blackjack Strategy and follow its rules. It is designed in the form of a table where you can find the correct action, knowing your total points and the dealer’s card. This scheme is a mathematical model calculated by professional players. It helps to find the optimal solution in each situation, play without mistakes and minimize the advantage of the house.

More experienced gamblers also use other strategies to increase the chances of a successful outcome. These include:

  • doubling, when in the event of a loss, the amount is doubled;
  • the Hilo system, requiring the counting of discarded cards;
  • tactic 1326, where the stakes are increased according to the scheme;
  • harassment – determination and correct use of the minimum and maximum rates.

None of the strategies guarantees a 100% win in blackjack. But with their help, you can minimize losses and hit a big jackpot. In order not to lose the bankroll and not go into the red, you need to learn how to properly allocate money. Set the amount you are willing to spend on the game and do not exceed it. Even if you entered a winning streak or a series of failures followed, be able to stop in time and leave the card table.

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