9mm Carbine Buy Now? Is it a Purchase Worth Making?

In the sphere of firearms, trends come and they go, just like in any other field. The fact is though, that not many of these ‘trends’ stay around for the long term. For instance, 1911 handguns have been hugely popular for more than a century, but does that mean that a 9mm carbine buy now represents a good purchase?

Weapons like the AR15 have been popular for over 70 years now, so there are certainly some types of technology that have lots of longevity. What we’re talking about in this blog is pistol caliber carbines (a.k.a PCC) which is a relative newcomer to the scene. What we aim to deduce is whether this is just a passing trend or something that will stick around for a while.

So, let’s take a look and see what’s what.

PCC Weapons Explained

Basically, when talking about a pistol caliber carbine, you’re describing a long shoulder-mounted rifle that takes a PCC cartridge. This 9mm carbine buy now option differs from most types of long guns as it doesn’t take dedicated rifle cartridges. The pistol caliber carbine platform represents a very similar size, but ballistically speaking, is a bit more restricted.

What’s the Reason Behind It?

There is a strong case for people out there who simply say that if you’re going to be using a rifle, why not simply use a standard rifle? It’s a logical question, as why would use something that’s larger and is restricted to the power of a handgun.

Well, what’s important to get your head round is that the PCC platform cannot be described as a rifle and even those more powerful pistol rounds don’t have the same performance as a rifle. They don’t have the same power or the same accuracy and range.

Longer Barrel = Higher Production of Energy

That said, 9mm carbine PCC barrel lengths – typically around 40cm – provides a real meaningful boost to the performance of handgun rounds. When a 9mm round shoots out from a 16 inch barrel, it’s essentially creating more energy than it would from a 4 inch handgun barrel.

When looking at carbines that chamber conventional revolver rounds like the .44 and .357 magnum, you see a major jump in energy production – allowing it to almost match the performance of a rifle. The only thing that is restricted is the range due to ballistic limitations.

So, Why Make a 9mm Carbine Buy Now Decision?

Right, so in the case of employing a long gun with an overall less-capable round, why make the decision to invest in a PCC setup? In truth, there are particular areas in which they perform especially well, like home defense – due to the lack of penetration that it offers.

If your abode is one that something like a 5.56 round would present issues with over-penetration, then the 9mm carbine is a much better option. The only time we’d say it was a bad decision is if the lack of range presented an issue for the purpose it’s being used for.

At the End of the Day, The Choice Is Ultimately Yours

So, if you’re debating whether to take advantage of that 9mm carbine buy now offer you’ve seen online, think about what you’re going to use it for. If it’s for home defense use, then the increased accuracy and reduced penetration makes it a viable option.

Will PCCs be around in another 50 years. Who knows? But while it remains relevant with a niche of its own, it’s got as good a chance as any.

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