6 Astonishing Reasons Why Vaping Is Quite Amazing

Although the concept of vaporizing herbs to release their essential oils existed for millennia in various civilizations, modern-day vaping is barely two decades old. In those two decades, vaping has morphed into a cultural phenomenon. Oxford Dictionary editors declared ”vape” as 2014’s word of the year (WOTY).

However, despite graduating from street slang and officially into the English lexicon, vaping remains somewhat misconstrued. Nonetheless, many segments of society view the practice as a safe way to consume nicotine and other substances. Vaping is now so common that you can now get vape juice cheap at your local gas station. 

Why Is Vaping So Amazing?

1.   Vaping has Outstanding Bioavailability

Bioavailability is a percentage denoting the amount of a chemical substance that makes it to the target cells for utilization. A high bioavailability signifies a highly effective delivery method. Vaping has the highest bioavailability of any delivery method ranging from 50% to 80%, depending on the substance. When you vape ejuice, the vapor produced takes effect in under three minutes. The situation is quite different with delivery methods like ingestion and topical application that take substantially longer.

Therefore, vaping delivers a chemical’s desirable effects instantly. 

2.   Vaping Is Ideal For Aromatherapy

Although vape juice is convenient and available in many flavors, vaporizers are ideal for dry herb aromatherapy. Aromatherapy entails using aromatic herbs, botanicals, and essential oils for health, wellbeing, relaxation, and cosmetic purposes. It is an alternative method embraced by people in the ever-growing wellness and alternative treatment circles.

The treatment method’s proponents often use vape kits and other vape products in their aromatherapy sessions. They inhale herbs like lavender, basil, passionflower, chamomile, hops, thyme, valerian, among other locally available herbs. High-quality reusable vape kits facilitate the vaporization of dry herbs rather than just essential oil extracts. Additionally, vaping’s high bioavailability enriches the aromatherapy session.

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3.   Vaping Is Tech-savvy

Vape devices like best vape mod kits  have come a long way from simple first-generation prototypes to the powerful third and fourth-generation vape devices we know today. A lot of innovation and technology goes into making user-friendly and efficient vaporizers. Even Silicon Valley’s hotshots could not resist bringing their resources into the burgeoning vape industry.

Technology investors in Silicon Valley are setting up vape technology incubators to support the vape industry. Select startups in the vape industry can apply to gain free three-month access to the vape incubation hub and utilize the available resources to innovate safe products.

The vaping industry’s technology adaptation strategy has allowed manufacturers to meet consumers’ ever-changing needs. For instance, vape pens preceded the powerful and flexible yet somewhat bulky vape mods. However, the prevailing consumer sentiment is a preference for user-friendly, portable, minimalist devices; hence, the rise of vape pods.

Vape pods support tech-savvy features such as remote control via Bluetooth or designated phone Apps. Despite the tech-savvy construction, they are also ideal for discreet vaping. Fourth-generation vaporizers also vaporize nic salts and dry herbs to keep up with diverse customer needs. Consumer safety and protection against auto firing and explosions are also a priority in vape innovation.

4.   Vape Awards Are A Thing

Vaping is a cultural phenomenon, and nothing defines a cultural phenomenon like an annual award ceremony recognizing industry leaders. Non-vapers may believe that vape awards are about vapers congregating to billow clouds for fun; far from it, the award ceremony is a black-tie event.

Vape awards are annual events whereby vape consumers vote for their favorite products and brands. After tallying is complete, the best of the best in various categories receive recognition. The categories include an editor’s award, innovation award, best online retailer, best flavor, outstanding contribution to the industry, and others. Vape enthusiasts can buy tickets to vape award ceremonies and enjoy a chance to interact with and network with industry leaders.

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5.   Vape Tournaments Are Also A Thing

Vaping is also a competitive sport whereby avid vapers compete in vape tournaments for glory, recognition, and a big payday. Tournament participants can perform vape tricks or compete to exhale vapor the furthest distance possible.

Besides tournament participants, spectators also get to share vaping knowledge and network. Therefore, if vape award ceremonies are too formal for you, perhaps you can attend the vape Olympics. Various vaping establishments host vape Olympics in different American cities.

6.   Vaping Is Prevalent In Diverse Demographics

Top online search results with “vape” or “vaping” as the keyword usually depict vaping as a pastime for high school students. However, the practice is quite prevalent among multiple age demographics.

According to a statistical survey conducted in 2019, 8% of American Adults vape or have at least tried vaping. The statistics further show that 19% of 18-29 vape while 8% of adults aged 30-59 also vape. Therefore, if you feel vaping may benefit you in one way or another, know you are never too old to vape.

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The vaping culture is pretty broad and riveting, so much so that a simple article cannot explore it exhaustively. However, if you are curious about vaping, the six factors above can be your window into the vaping world.

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