5 Ways Vaping is Influencing the Fashion Industry

Vaping has become more popular in recent years, and its effects on the fashion industry are clearly noticeable. It has become a way to take out nicotine from the classic use of cigarettes. Its wide adoption may be attributed to the fact that it is both fashionable and a great way to control the amount of nicotine you are consuming. You can regulate nicotine by using different vape cartridges. As such, you can reduce your nicotine levels without having to suffer total withdrawal symptoms. The popular use of vaping has seen the introduction of vape lingo and vape fashion in music. Vaping does have nicotine, but its exposure to toxins is far lower than that of smoking cigarettes. Apart from the use of stylish setups for vaping, let us look at how vaping is influencing the fashion industry.


Vaping is widely in use, and it is considered the most fashionable method of smoking. Different movies and music videos have featured celebrities vaping because it is considered to be glamorous. E-cigarettes are outdoing the popularity of smoking classic cigarettes. The availability of different vape kits and mods that are sleek and have different designs gives you a choice of which kit suits you best. You can also smoke discreetly because vaping has less of an odor.

Vape models

A new category of celebrities known as vape models has arisen. This has been a result of using social media, which has a huge influence on culture, especially among the youth. You will find on social media different vape kits and mods, different vape juices with varying flavors, and different vape tricks as a signature of the individual’s style. Vaping using substandard kits and vape liquid can have side effects to its users, hence the need to buy them from reliable vendors and manufacturers, such as ePuffer. This will guarantee that you get the best quality kits and supplies as well as correct information on the products so you can make informed choices.

Vaping setups

In contrast to the classic way of smoking a cigarette, vaping can be done in different styles and it has different flavors. You have the option of getting e-liquids and cartridges, among other vaping products, that suit your style. You can get the various vaping setups that have been posted on social media by different vapers. This has broken the monotony of smoking cigarettes, which is not as adventurous.

Fashion labels

The wide use of vaping has seen the rise of vape culture among vape users, and this has been matched with the production of street-style clothing as well as the use of different fashion labels. Vape accessories have also given style to the vapers as well as provided a discrete way to carry around the vape. 

Runway shows

Fashion designers have helped the spread and acceptance of vaping culture across the globe through holding glamorous runway shows. This has encouraged more vape-inspired designs, vape accessories, and fashion labels to be the new style.


Vaping has certainly influenced the fashion industry and will continue doing so, as it grows more popular because it is safer than smoking and looks cooler. However, vaping has its side effects, hence the need to make adults aware of these effects and protect minors from them.

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