All4 Ideas to Spice Up Your Vacation


4 Ideas to Spice Up Your Vacation

As the hottest season has officially started, we’re greeted by hot and sunny days, which means it’s finally time to get some well-deserved rest and take a couple of days off. There’s no need to mention how important it is to unwind and take your mind off of work. Since we rarely have the luxury of free time, we often feel exhausted and irritated after work and the stress eventually gets to us. That’s why summer is when most people decide it’s high time to blow off some steam and head down to the beach or visit a place they’ve always wanted.

However, as time goes by, we get less creative with how to make most of our vacations and use them to the fullest. Our days usually consist of waking up, eating, going to the beach and repeating the entire process each following day. Naturally, some people don’t mind the routine and they prefer it that way. On the other hand, if you feel like you could be doing more during your holiday but yet you don’t know how to break away from the routine, no need to worry. We’re there to help and that’s why we’ve gathered a list of 4 suggestions that will spice up your holiday and make it even more fun. To learn more, keep reading the article below.

Don’t forget about happy hour

Whenever you’re visiting a new place, the best way to get to know one is to talk to locals and see whether they can point you towards some hidden gems in the city. And we all know bars and cafes are where people usually gather, especially during happy hour. So, the next time you’re sightseeing or you’re just coming back from the beach, check the local cafes and see whether and when they have happy hour specials. This means that certain cocktails and drinks will be discounted and you can use the opportunity to have an afternoon cap while at the same time chatting with the bar guests.

Plus, maybe the city you’re visiting has a trademark cocktail of its own, so make sure to ask the waiter for a recommendation.

Explore the city on foot

We’re so used to using public transportation anywhere we go, no matter the distance that you should really try to avoid it at least while on vacation. Not only is walking a great physical activity but it is also the perfect way to get to know the city and discover some spots that were not highlighted on your Google maps.

Plus, some cities often offer walking tours that cost next to nothing, so ask around in the tourist center to see if some tours are scheduled during your time of stay. When you’re exploring the city on foot, it’s a completely different feeling and you’ll feel like you’re one of the locals.

Throw some dice in the local casino

If you don’t have the habit of frequenting a local casino, why not go crazy while on your holiday and see whether luck is on your side? Who knows, maybe you’ll end up leaving with more money and you can later use the extra cash to treat yourself. You really don’t have to worry about playing like a pro; remember, you’re there to have fun and try something new.

If you know the rules of poker, that should be enough for a thrilling card game. Or, you could always spin a slot as these don’t really require any strategy or extensive knowledge.

Avoid hotels

As soon as we pick a destination for our trip, we immediately get down to finding nearby hotels where we can stay. However, although hotels are sometimes the best choice, when visiting a new place, you can’t really get to know the city if you have an all-inclusive arrangement in your hotel. Vacation villas like Barbados Villas are a good option to consider.

For instance, will you be inspired to visit the local restaurants and spend money on food if you know you have free food available at the hotel? We guess not. That’s why we recommend booking a cozy apartment or home on a website such as Airbnb, as it will encourage you to make an effort and get around the city by yourself. 

The bottom line

By introducing small changes to your usual travel itinerary, you’ll immediately notice the difference and escape the routine you’ve established over the years. Do make an effort to be more engaged in the community you’re in by visiting local bars, casinos and markets. That’s indeed the only way to blend in and get a taste of the real atmosphere.

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