3 Cool Sex Doll Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Sex dolls have a weird taboo attached to them, with some even labelling them as immoral. If we were to be out rightly and blatantly honest, that’s all each person’s prerogative. There is nothing wrong about a sex doll torso or young sex doll and the world is definitely coming to terms with it. In line with this, here are 3 cool sex doll facts that you probably didn’t know!

Movies and Sex Dolls

A lot of Hollywood movies have sex dolls featured in them. Lars and the real girl is the most popular and one of the most sought after movies out there. In the movie, Ryan Gosling plays a guy who falls in love with his sex doll. Without giving away any spoilers, the movie really gives you a sensitive aspect about a guy who is lonely and how a sex doll changes his life forever.

If you haven’t seen the movie then go and check it out. However, there are other movies as well that feature sex dolls. Namely, Monique,Shooting Fish etc.

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Sex Dolls Have Been Here For A Long Time

Just because sex dolls are made up of advanced materials, people are of the opinion that they are a recent invention. This is not true.

Sex dolls have been here simce the 17th century. The Dutch sailors used to keep them during their long voyages. These people led a really tough life as they had to live away from family and friends for long periods of time. The dolls were used by them to satisfy their needs.

Interestingly, the Dutch also used to sell these dolls to Japanese people. Later the Japanese named these dolls “Dutch Wives”, which is a very commonly used word in Japan even now.

As far as the modern versions of sex dolls go, they were first made in Germany and later became popular in USA and rest of the world owing to them regularligy being featured in popular porn magazines. We are now at a stage where you can get a real looking sex doll torso anywhere in the world by just pressing a button. All you need is  the will and the money.

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Sex Dolls And Artificial Intelligence

We have certainly come a long way since the advent of the first documented sex dolls in the 1600s. With new technology sex dolls have also seen advancement.

Some sex doll torso manufacturers are using AI and robotics to make the sex doll torso experience more realisitic and lifelike. By using robotics, they have been able to make dolls that have liquid movement and expressions as well. Some dolls even make use of warmers to give the users the feeling of being with a real woman. Isn’t that amazing!

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AI has opened the gates for sex dolls being more and more realisitic. The day is not far away when sex dolls will be capapble to act like a real companion. With real emotions, talking, and even flirting at times.

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